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Jaagnet (lowercase) is the "Community Builder" unit of JAAG Inc. JAAGNet (uppercase) is the Platform and Business Program we use to build, manage and operate that allows us to deliver our services to you!!

The JAAGNet team is dedicated, professional and highly knowledgeable and continues to learn from our Communities and its members every day.

To help you understand more about JAAGNet we have written a little about ourselves (in our Noteboook) and on the Why, How and What of JAAGNet so please check it out >>

JAAGNet can be described as a "Community of Communities"!.
Where we have three major community categories:-

Domain Communities :
 "Interest" focused Communities which are further categorized under Technology, Commerce and Regional Domains.

Business Communities : "Organizational" focused communities based around the Organization's  Business objectives/Interests. Which are further categorized under Affiliate and Partner Businesses.             

Collaborative Communities : Private hybrid Communities involving a variety of participation between Business, Domain and Public Communities, with the goal to form some type of Collaboration between the parties.

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We have your Interest at the heart of what we do!!

We have developed several leading edge and dynamic communities that will inspire, motivate and educate our JAAGNet members with a focal point around a topical common Interest!  We call these  our Domain Communities.

We divided these communities into three major categories based on Technology, Commerce and Regional Interests.

We are continually opening up new communities in these three broad categories so please check out our latest Domain Communities,

Read more on Domain Communities

We make and build the best business communities

Business Communities were created to allow JAAGNet member business organizations (Affiliates) to build their own online community presence and for those of their close organizational partners.

JAAGNet has numerous services to help their Affiliates build and grow their community presence and membership.

We are continually opening up new affiliate and partner communities so check out our latest Business Communities .

Read more about our Business Communities

We help you Collaborate

Our JAAGNet Business Communities can work and collaborate together through our Hybrid (private access only)                     Collaboration Communities.These communities are only visible to those members invited and collaborating in them.

Collaboration can be extended to the JAAGNet members of other Domain Communities and/or its own Partner Communities.

Multiple collaborative private connections can be made between a variety of Communities including those external to the JAAGNet  communities i.e. in the public domain.

Read more on Collaboration Communities

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Our Team

Kathy Jones

Business Community Builder

Kathy Jones business community builder and content curation specialist

Daisy Sadleir

Business Community Builder

Daisy Sadleir business community builder and content marketeer


Brouwersgracht 200, 1013 HD, Amsterdam, Netherlands