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Welcome to the JAAGNet Community for Sales.

The Sales Department is an integral part of any company.  Their primary role is to generate the company's revenue but they also support other goals of the company by;

  • Bridging the gap in requirements between customer and company products and services
  • Promoting company and product brands to potential customers
  • Building strong personal and business relationships with customers and business partners  

Let's start with a definition:

plural nounsales

1.    the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.
       "we withdrew it from sale"

       a quantity or amount sold.
       "price cuts failed to boost sales"

       the activity or business of selling products.
      "director of sales and marketing"

2.    a period during which a shop or dealer sells goods at reduced prices.
      "the January sales got under way this week"

       a public or charitable event at which goods are sold or auctioned.
       "a bric-a-brac sale will be held at St Cuthbert's Church Centre"

This Community will be coming February 1st 2020 but in the meantime you are welcome to join now.
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