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Welcome to MedTech Forum

Welcome to the JAAGNet Forum on Medical Technology (MedTech).  

The MedTech Forum is a vehicle to have us set major discssion topics that's hot in the  MedTech arena and for members to be able to pass comments on those topics and then comment on the comments etc.

MedTech is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in Medicine.
Two examples of MedTech in our daily lives are heart rate monitoring and diabetic insulin level monitoring. In the future the range of MedTech services is predicted to transform the Well Being of our population even more with AI and machine learning and IOT that will make MedTech products an integral part of our digitalized life.

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Bronze Level Contributor

Bionaut Labs' small, remote-controlled devices can overcome the obvious constraint that holds back surgical drills, probes and needles: once they’re in the body, they can’t turn. (Getty Images)

The robots are coming: After working under the radar for four years, Bionaut Labs is …

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Bronze Level Contributor

Powerful mathematical model utilizes brain signal data collected from an electrical implant in patients

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions, affecting more than 65 million people worldwide. For those dealing with epilepsy, the approach of a seizure feels like a ticking time bomb. It could happen at any time or any place, potentially posing a fatal risk when a seizure strikes during activities such as driving or…

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Gold Level Contributor

Signs of burnout can be detected in sweat

EPFL engineers, working in association with startup Xsensio, have developed a wearable sensing chip that can measure the concentration of cortisol – the stress hormone – in human sweat. Enabling future quasi-continuous monitoring, their device can eventually help doctors better understand and treat stress-related conditions like burnout and obesity.

We’ve all felt stressed at some point, whether in our personal or…

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Gold Level Contributor

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Healthcare organizations can harness machine learning to schedule vaccines, streamline patient communications and even prioritize access – but the technology is hardly infallible.

The question of who should get access to COVID-19 vaccines first has varied from state to state, with some governments prioritizing those with high-risk conditions and others lowering the age…

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Bronze Level Contributor

In a test of 30 popular mobile health apps, a cybersecruity analyst found that all of them had API vulnerabilities.  Potential breaches would allow for unauthorized access of patient records.

While most patients expect their health information to be secure when they download an app the reality might often be the opposite.

Several widely-used mobile health apps have basic…

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Gold Level Contributor

The full clearance follows up on an emergency authorization granted by the FDA last summer, aimed at the COVID-19 pandemic. (Getty/sudok)

The FDA has cleared an artificial intelligence program designed to predict which patients in an intensive care unit will begin to deteriorate, giving clinicians up to eight hours of advanced warning and time to prepare.

Developed by CLEW, the system gathers data from…

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MedTech Strategist - Innovation Summit Dublin


BIOMEDevice - Boston 2021

  • Description:

    BIOMEDevice - Boston 2021

    Rescheduled to September 2021

    2,200+ industry professionals and 335+ suppliers convene in Boston — home to the nation's highest number of medical device companies — for a two-day event focused on moving medtech design projects to the next stage of development.

    BIOMEDevice lets you explore the trends driving advancements in healthcare as well as discover…

  • Created by: Kathy Jones
  • Tags: biomedevice, boston, north america, medtech


  • Description:


    New dates announced – September 28-29, 2021

    Med-Tech Innovation Expo is the UK & Ireland’s leading event for medical design and manufacturing technology.

    Experience live demonstrations of the latest machine, technology, products and services while networking with 4,000 + designers, engineers, innovators and…

  • Created by: Kathy Jones
  • Tags: med-tech, summit, june 2021, nec, birmingham, uk

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