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This is a diverse area focused at a variety of technologies which affect and support the Medical/Health Services Industry, it covers and ovelaps many other subjects such as AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Accelerated Computing, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and the use of these technologies in many applications within the industry. It is an extremely exciting technology field and one that will impact both our working and personal lives as this sector drives the world's health and well being!

 Let's start of with a definition:

  1. medtech

(MEDical TECHnology) An umbrella term for the medical industry in today's high-tech world. Organizations in the field also use the name; for example, NYC Medtech is a medical forum in New York City (; MedTech is an association of medical companies in New York State (, and the Med Tech Clinical Lab is located in New Jersey ( See biotechnology 

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Tracking Covid-19 exposure in our Medical Services staff is going to be critical, but how do we do it?

Intelligent automation firm, Rainbird, has partnered with the UK NHS, using its rapid deployment programme to build an online interactive tool that provides tailored advice on appropriate self-isolation measures to NHS staff:       The tool, which was developed to address the staff resourcing challenges currently faced by the NHS, can be updated within minutes to reflect shifts in national guidance, and personalised to NHS organisations. This partnership follows an open letter from the…

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