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nokia (2)

Silver Level Contributor

Nokia highlighted an alarming rise in the number of IoT devices infected by malware in its latest security threat report, as it also flagged a trend of criminals exploiting applications purportedly relating to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic to steal personal data.

In its latest annual Threat Intelligence Report, the vendor said IoT hardware comprised a third of all infected mobile internet connected devices during H1 2020, compared with 16 per cent in the same period of 2019.

Nokia noted a combination of poor security protections and the use of automated tools by criminals to exploit vulnerabilities had caused infections to rise at an “alarming rate”.

In the report, which uses data aggregated from monitoring traffic to devices running Nokia’s security software, it also pointed to the prevalence of hackers attempting to exploit fears and uncertainty around the pandemic in recent months.

Echoing several other studies conducted this year, it noted among the attack methods were fixed and mobile applications masquerading as tools related to tracking the virus and infection maps. Several of these have turned out to be ransomware, data-stealing malware or applications involved in conducting SMS fraud.

Nokia Software president and chief digital officer Bhaskar Gorti said its findings reinforced the need for consumers, enterprises and IoT device makers to up security protection.

“The sweeping changes that are taking place in the 5G ecosystem, with even more 5G networks being deployed around the world as we move to 2021, open ample opportunities for malicious actors to take advantage of vulnerabilities in IoT devices.”

Originally published by
Chris Donkin | October 22, 2020
Mobile World Live

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Gold Level Contributor

The automated, contactless elevated temperature detection solution is designed to help identify potential Covid-19 infections in facilities with thousands of people.

Nokia is launching an automated, zero-touch elevated temperature detection solution designed to help identify potential Covid-19 infections in facilities with thousands of people.

The Nokia Automated Analytics Solution for access control also confirms mask compliance in large environments with multiple accesses.

How it works

The solution uses a thermal camera to capture video footage and takes individual temperature readings (accurate to +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) for every person that enters the screening site.

An analytics engine quickly processes the video clip to determine whether the individuals require additional screening, or are not complying with mask-wearing rules. 

If an irregularity is detected, a centralised, organisation-wide view is presented and a real-time SMS or email alert is automatically sent to personnel in the field to initiate track-and-trace or post-detection actions. 

Nokia claims the entire process takes place in near-real time and the human-less operation enables scaling to very large environments with thousands of people and multiple access points.

Organisations can also expand the solution to support other ongoing use cases to protect employees and building assets, including predictive surveillance, machine maintenance and security threats.

“Whether in factories, ports, offices, airports, schools, or outdoor screening centres, mission-critical networks and digital automation solutions play a leading role in ensuring supply resilience, business continuity, and workers’ safety in real-time,” said Amit Shah, head of analytics and IoT for Nokia.


Individual temperature readings are taken for every person entering the site

The technology uses an open architecture and has a suite of analytics with a flexible set of automation workflows and rules to adapt the solution to each organisation’s needs. The company has deployed the solution at multiple locations, including its own Chennai factory to monitor employee safety and plans to deploy the solution for enterprise customers across multiple industry segments.

“As the factory reopened to production and over 1,000 employees returned to work, we abided by local regulations for monitoring temperatures and mask usage for every single person entering and leaving the site,” said Sudarshan Pitty, head of the Nokia Chennai Factory. “The Nokia Automated Analytics Solution has enabled us to ensure regulatory compliance in an automated way, round the clock with zero misses in real-time.”

Pitty continued: “This solution has enabled us to boost employee availability by reducing the waiting time in queues and removing the need to assign additional staff to carry out manual checks.”

Leo Gergs, research analyst, ABI Research, reckoned the solution is an example of the important role that network infrastructure vendors can play in fighting the spread of a global pandemic, such as Covid-19.

He added: “Furthermore, the modular architecture allows easy repurposing of the solution to use cases such as port or smart city traffic monitoring and therefore to address the ever-increasing demand for automated data analytics capabilities, which will continue to rise in line with further enterprise digitalisation.”

Nokia suggested that once concerns about Covid-19 subside, organisations can repurpose the solution to support other use cases to protect employees, site visitors and facilities, including predictive surveillance and machine maintenance, security threats and anomaly detection, and customised industry-specific analytics.

Originally published by
SmartCitiesWorld News Team | October 16, 2020

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