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5G: The Future of IoT by 5G Americas


5G: The Future of IoT takes a look at the market drivers, trends and cellular technology solutions that will create our connected future.

Market drivers provide added value through connectivity of all “things” ranging from street lighting to home appliances to industrial robotics. Providing connectivity to things has become easier with improvements inthe economics of end devices, large investments in IoT systems, adoption of global standards and availability of spectrum. Overall trends in information technology such as cloud computing and edge cloud,artificial intelligence and security assurance have accelerated the IoT ecosystem. The whitepaper discusses some of the market segments in more details, including industrial IoT, smart cities, enterprise IoT and consumer IoT.

The whitepaper also provides an overview of developments in 3GPP standards for IoT, looking at both the Massive IoT and Critical IoT segments. It starts with the 3GPP requirements for IoT and goes on to cover the high level 3GPP solutions to meet these requirements. For Critical IoT, the Ultra-Reliable Low Latency
Communications (URLLC) radio and architecture are described. For Mission Critical IoT, it describes the role of the 5G core network as well as improvements in the radio. It also addresses the factory automation vertical for which several new features have been introduced in 3GPP to allow operation of 5G systems
together with IEEE TSN. It provides an update of spectrum options for licensed, unlicensed and shared bands. In essence, the 3GPP standards are themselves a market driver in the future-proofing and delivery of IoT as networks transform from 4G to 5G.

The 5G networks being deployed today will build upon the 4G LTE networks including both NarrowbandIoT (NB-IoT) and LTE Category M1 (LTE-M or LTE for Machines). Additional security, automation and management functions on 5G radio and core networks will deliver the ultra-reliability requirements forCritical IoT solutions. As use cases continue to develop in the market with more applications, the Industrial IoT, Consumer IoT and Enterprise IoT markets are flourishing. The massive IoT of the future –with connectivity across many vertical domains—will be insured by the mobile cellular Internet of Things.


Please read the remainder of the article here >>




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Platinum Level Contributor

Originally Posted by: Sarah D. Patterson, Founder, MBA PMP I October 26th 2020 | Value Integrators

“I help empower businesses to unlock their potential, to get them aligned and motivated while ensuring we are fulfilling their purpose, strategy, and objectives."
I have more than 15 years of experience across a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, financial services, fitness, compliance, forensics, and intelligence, and more.

After years of education and professional experience, I started SP Global Consulting (now Value Integrators) designed to help other people's businesses succeed. This is of no surprise being raised by a United States Army Research Lab engineer and Oncology nurse as well as having a large family with a long history of military service and duty. As a child, I always wanted to start a business and made efforts to create and sell product/service including building a desktop computer with my father.

I have solved complex problems in global companies spanning several functional areas and am known for “seeing the forest through the trees.” I served national and international clients with a razor sharp focus based upon driving high value and growth throughout their organizations. I have a wide range of experience providing a unique offering and track record to draw from in solving the most complex and unchartered assignments.

I believe that the people, technology, processes, and data in your organization should add value to the company, and not be a chore to maintain. Businesses should also be able to rely on these to make sound decisions. My experience collaborating with different companies, understanding their specific intricacies, identifying customized solutions, and executing the plan outlines that I have built a reputation as an effective and efficient partner for any size business.

Most importantly, I am devoted to helping restore the homeless improving the socio economic climate by supporting and participating in various organizations located in Los Angeles County.

Life purpose is: Freeing influencers to serve by catalyzing their potential and joy!

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