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Welcome to the JAAGNet Community for BlockChain.

BlockChain is a diverse technology area and will cover many subjects such as the use of this technlogy in applications, from crypto currencies to digital gaming!  It is an extremely exciting technology and one that will impact both our working and personal lives.

Blockchain is a distributed database existing on multiple computers at the same time. It is constantly growing as new sets of recordings, or 'blocks', are added to it. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block, so they actually form a chain. 

 Let's start of with a definition:

noun blockchain
  1. a system in which a record of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.
    "we can actually have a look at the blockchain and see evidence of what's going on"


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Welcome to the Blockchain Forum

  Welcome to the JAAGNet Forum on Blockchain.. The Blockchain Forum is a vehicle to have us set major discssion topics that's hot in the  Blockchain arena and for members to be able to pass comments on those topics and then comment on the comments etc. Our world is evolving quickly and Blockchain is going to continue to change the way we transact business using "Distributed Ledgers" and this will affect our commercial lives (both business and personal) dramatically. It overlaps with FinTech,…

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Blockchain takes on forgeries, counterfeits

Image via

Counterfeiting is an absolutely massive industry, logging in trillions of dollars every year. It can be a big threat both to consumers who unknowingly purchase these products and retailers as well looking to sell legitimate products.

Blockchain, however, might hold the key to solving this issue of forgeries by providing a virtual "paper" trail that confirms the validity of products.…

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Image - Unsplash: Launchpresso

Experts say 2021 is poised to see greater adoption and venture capital investment in blockchain technology. That prediction comes as more financial services apps are built using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has become more widely accepted.

Also working in the industry’s favor is the fact that…

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Individually artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain have made numerous breakthroughs, however, 2021 will see the power of three as one.

In other words, 2021 will see an emerging trend that will see a concerted approach of three powerful technologies that will accomplish new levels of performances, societal outcomes, improvement of products, and services. In their recent blog, the Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) had chosen the triumvirate…

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A former top investigator is warning that “a high-stakes game of chicken” between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and cryptocurrency holders who fail to properly report their earnings will be entering a new phase in 2021 as the tax collection agency begins to focus on pursuing “civil and, potentially, criminal penalties.”

In an article co-authored by Don Fort …

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2020 has been a stellar year for blockchain technology, laying important foundations for the year ahead.

January will mark 12 years since the Bitcoin genesis block. In that time, blockchain technology has made many significant strides forward. The launch of Ethereum in 2015 introduced smart contracts and token minting. Subsequent years saw developments in areas, such as transaction privacy with the launch of Zcash (…

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How are IoT and Blockchain Revolutionizing Cars?

Image: Artur Aldyrkhanov

Hold on tight. You’re in the fast lane to a new digital era. 5G, IoT, AI, and Blockchain are all collaborating to create an awe-inspiring experience. Once novel concepts and ideas, they are quickly becoming commonplace and the norm, and as they take hold in every industry, we are sure to witness a revolutionized existence.…

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