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Asterisk computing covers many different aspects of computing, for example, the asterisk can be replaced with the following terms:

  • Cloud - transparently scalable Internet based services
  • Fog - dispersed compute power across multiple points of a network
  • Edge - compute capability as close as possible to the consumer
  • Accelerated - hardware and software techniques, FPGA, GPU, O/S bypass, SR-IOV
  • Super - current mindblowingly fast compute architecture for solving the world's bigest problems
  • Quantum - even more mind blowing new architecture based on "Quantum Physics" that will revolutionize the world of computing and the problems it can tackle.
  • Scale-Out - Transparantly increasing compute capability by horizontally adding similiar computing units.
  • Scale-Up - Transparantly increasing compute capability by adding more powerful compute capaility to the same unit.

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Gold Level Contributor

New blueprint for more stable quantum computers

Manuel Grimm ist theoretischer Physiker am Paul Scherrer Institut und beschäftigt sich mit den Grundlagen, auf denen zukünftige Quantencomputer aufbauen könnten.
(Foto: Paul Scherrer Institut/Markus Fischer)

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have put forward a detailed plan of how faster and better defined quantum bits – qubits – can be created. The central elements are magnetic atoms from the class of so-called…

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Silver Level Contributor

Image: Unsplash - Michael Dziedzic

Classical computing isn’t going away, but quantum technology has the potential to disrupt many industries. It’s crucial to leverage the strengths of both to unlock quantum’s full potential.

The promises of quantum computing are plentiful: It could help develop lifesaving drugs with…

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Bronze Level Contributor


Stung by high-profile data breaches and heightened scrutiny from regulators, banks and other financial services companies are making major investments in sophisticated cloud security infrastructure. The move allows them to operate in cloud environments and assure customers and enterprises that sensitive financial data can be stored and managed securely. 

Companies that have sensitive financial…

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Gold Level Contributor

The image of the silicon lever (the shiny part) and the RuC13 sample (the black triangle). The sample is about 100 microns in size, about the thickness of a human hair. The level is oscillating at ultrasound frequency (Courtesy of Kim Modic)

A team of physicists from Florida State University’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a new technique for…

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Silver Level Contributor

Image: Getty

Quantum computing is based on quantum mechanics, which governs how nature works at the smallest scales. The smallest classical computing element is a bit, which can be either 0 or 1. The quantum equivalent is a qubit, which can also be 0 or 1 or in what's called a superposition — any combination of 0 and 1. Performing a calculation on two classical bits (which can be 00, 01, 10 and 11) requires four calculations. A quantum computer…

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Bronze Level Contributor

Image: Tom Wang -

Weighing complex decisions on cloud adoption and how to make the most of it is a discussion more CIOs will face this new year -- and in the future.

An ever-growing number of enterprises plan to or are already exploring the seemingly boundless potential offered by the cloud. Yet this segment of digital transformation remains something of an open frontier waiting to be…

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Silver Level Contributor

Image: Unsplash - Jerin J.

With so many other things going on in the world, it was easy to miss how far quantum technology evolved in 2020. Little more than a year ago it was still possible for serious writers in serious publications to doubt that quantum computers would ever take off commercially. Now the debate is more over how much can be done by a quantum computer and when, not…

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Edge Computing Expo North America

Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo – Global 2021 – Virtual Event

  • Description:

    Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo – Global 2021 – Virtual Event

    A FREE online conference covering two days of top-level content and thought leadership discussions looking at the Cyber Security and Cloud ecosystem.

    This virtual conference is for the ambitious enterprise technology professional, seeking to explore the latest…

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Quantum Tech

Edge Computing Expo - Europe 2021

  • Description:

    Edge Computing Expo – Europe 2021

    In a world where speed, connectivity and real time access to data have become a way of life, edge computing has fast become an essential component of virtually every business’s IT strategy. For forward-thinking and dynamic enterprises, edge computing can enable a significant increase in operational efficiency and automation, while…

  • Created by: Kathy Jones
  • Tags: edge computing, europe, expo