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What’s Happening Down There? New Aerial Video Event Recognition Dataset and DL Benchmark


It took humans hundreds of thousands of years to figure out how to fly. But long before aircraft were developed, cultures had already formed the concept of a “bird’s-eye view.” In recent years technology has democratized the bird’s-eye view and flown our vision beyond imagination. The question is timeless: What’s happening down there?

Thanks to quadcopters, GoPros, and YouTube, there is now plenty of available UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) video data. In the aftermath of earthquakes and floods, UAVs are used for estimating damage and delivering aid in areas too dangerous or difficult for human responders to access. UAVs are used to monitor wildlife in remote areas, while urban planners and other city officials, etc. use UAV cityscape data to better understand changing local environments. And of course, countless videographers and hobbyists regularly record and upload their UAV flights.

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Originally Posted on Medium February 13th 2020

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